Entry #17

Quick Survey

2017-04-25 02:30:31 by Boxlightyear

Those of you who still follow me on here, what is it that you'd like for me to design here on Newgrounds?  Given by the kind of style that I do, what would you like to see?  I may feature your ideas in a form of a youtube video ;)



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2017-04-25 04:23:56

Style shouldn't enter into subject matter, but I'd say you're on the right course as of late; different places on Earth, different times, people, settings, even different audiences...

Boxlightyear responds:

I didn't mean to say that style dictated the things I should draw lol my bad :S

I copy from life all the time, I just don't post them here, I've been drawing daily.
Yet it's not too late to diversify the content on this page, thanks!


2017-04-25 05:12:17

Nice art, very solid style.
I see your works tend to be on the "kind" side of creative work.
I think it could be interesting if you try to make something a bit darker.

Boxlightyear responds:

Yesh >:)