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Youtube Account

2016-09-04 03:06:02 by Boxlightyear

In case anyone is interested I started a youtube account where you'll most likely see speed paint videos of the artwork that I've posted here so far.

More artwork coming next week!  Look for it around wednesday at the latest.  If that doesn't come around expect them to come on thursdays.  I plan to make more videos and post them on fridays.  Stay tuned!



Quick Update

2016-09-01 22:54:12 by Boxlightyear

Just uploaded some new art!  Expect more of them ever other thursday.  I'm trying to keep a schedule for the stuff I'll post.  Thanks for the support, have a good one!


Art coming soon

2016-08-25 20:23:34 by Boxlightyear

Quick update, I'm in the middle of college courses right now, so it might take some time for me to post anything.  It's no excuse for not posting anything I know but, I'll do the best I can to bring the best content for all of you whose watching that I can offer! 

Stay Classy America,


My New Art Thread

2016-08-23 02:48:03 by Boxlightyear

If anyone's interested I made a new art thread on the forum page.  I made this to have more conversations on how I can improve as well as taking a quick gander on future projects I'm working on!

I've been Scouted!!!

2016-08-23 01:27:34 by Boxlightyear

Big shout out to VenomationsTV thanks so much for the scout invite, I can't thank you enough.  More art submissions coming this week!

New Art!!!

2016-06-29 01:01:08 by Boxlightyear

Take a look!

First Time

2015-09-10 17:52:50 by Boxlightyear

Hey :P